Meaning 'resonance' or 'echo' in Japanese, I believe it is a beautiful kanji with a deep meaning.

Why HIBIKI (響) ?

I started this concept with a vague idea of a spirit trapped in a human body trying to reach its other half; who is also an Inari Ōkami and waiting him at an Inari Shrine


While mainly influenced by Japanese tales and myths, I wanted to give a modern look to this spiritual adventure. Thus the main timeline is rather modern but there are still Inari gods and spirit guards, which we can only observe when they are in a human form.

Why Not a Short?

I believe this idea of mine is not meant to be complete in a 1 or 2 minute animated short, thus I rather take my time slowly and develop my ideas into a more detailed and complete animation idea. You can see my updates on Hibiki on this page.

Character Design

Concept Art

Starting Point

As a single drawing combined with my love for foxes and masks, all started from this one sketch.

Sample colour scripts from the first ideas.

Animation Bits and Pieces

Here are some of the pieces I drew for the Hibiki. There are opening scenes, action scenes, and even a possible login loop animation. Some of them with backgrounds, some of them only characters.

(Long scenes are 3/4 resolution for upload purposes.)

Using Format